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While some see watches as necessary timepieces, others see them as fashion accessories and here at Miss Grace Jewellers, we can provide exquisite solutions for both.

We stock all the major manufacturers, including Citizen, Lorus, Royal London and Limit, and our wide selection suits all tastes and budgets. As well as selling men’s and women’s watches, we also cater for children, with a wide range of entertaining and amusing children’s watches. For those looking for an extra touch of class, we also sell competitively priced pocket watches.

To ensure maximum comfort and style, our helpful staff will also help to fit the watch and re-size it if necessary. If you are unsure about what style of watch will suit you or the person you are treating to such a fabulous timepiece, we can help and our friendly staff will use their knowledge and 40 years experience to guide you.

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Repairs and Re-sizing

With watches becoming more and more fashionable, driving most store prices up, it is imperative that you get your watch repaired rather than fork out your savings on a new one. We here at Miss Grace Jewellers can provide our exceptional repair service and we will do our utmost to restore your watch to working order.

Whether it is your watch strap or the watch itself that needs repairing, trust the experts at Miss Grace. Our experienced team can take on any challenge and we are confident in our ability to return the watch to you in fantastic condition. As well as fixing straps and the watch mechanics, we also replace watch batteries and even car key fob batteries fall under our expertise. As you can see, there is no end to our talents.

As part of our exceptional service we will also re-size any watches for you, regardless of whether you bought them in our shop. We appreciate that there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting watch so let the experts at Miss Grace Jewellers fix that for you.

Watch Repairs